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Coming Soon, Farm For Sale

We are currently closed for business as we prepare the property for sale.

We are no longer farming or selling organic products and are leaving the website open for reference only.  We have voluntarily surrendered our organic certification on great terms and in good standing with our certifying agency, and have everything in place for a simple transfer to the new owners, if required. 

 We will announce here when the property sells and weather or not the new owners will continue with this site and organic farming.  

Thank you for all of your support!

Tony Gliedt


Tony and Lisa Gliedt are the owners of Zen Moon Organic Farm, located in Northern California. They each bring a diverse blend of personal and business backgrounds, which makes it a unique family farm.

Tony has spent the last 35 years as the owner of several small businesses. He started out on a drafting table as a residential building designer, transitioned to a general contractor, and then onto the ownership of a full-service boatyard. All of these business experiences were then combined into Gliedt Restorations, where he continues with his shop work to this day, with the renovation of a variety of vintage items. His knowledge of the associated trades stems from a combination of being self-taught and in conjunction with work over the years alongside valued mentors. For the last 15 years, he has maintained a small apricot orchard on the property. This is where his initial practical experiences were gained for his organic growing principles used today. Upon deciding to turn the property into a working organic farm 5 years ago, Tony completed an apprenticeship program, which focused on the domestic cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs.

Lisa has extensive professional experience in the corporate world, focused in the sales and marketing of food and beverage products. She holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in business, as well as a Master’s degree in marketing. In addition to her corporate background, she is a licensed acupuncturist for the state of California and has completed both a master’s and doctorate degrees in acupuncture and integrative medicine. She enjoys traveling the world, yoga, and continued studies of herbal medicine.

Around the Farm

The merger of Lisa’s passion for Chinese medicine, along with Tony’s farming and renovation interests were the foundation for the start of Zen Moon Organic Farm.

During these last several years, there has been a great deal of behind-the-scenes efforts related to the setup of the farm, with great feedback from our preliminary lab test results and customers. With those startup days now behind us, we look forward to the next phases of our expansion.

The crops that we have successfully trialed to date are now being divided and transplanted into other areas of the farm, for increased crop sizes to come. We have completed many renovations, related to our storage, packaging, and nursery areas. Up next on our to do list is the ground breaking of our expanded drying facility, which will be operational for our fall 2020 harvesting.

About The Business

We are now a USDA, CDFA, Certified Organic Farm, inspected annually by Organic Certifiers Inc. We are located in Northern California in the city of Brentwood, which is in the core agricultural area of Contra Costa County.
Our 10-acre property has been in the family for over two decades, and we are now entering our 5th year, restructuring it for organic farming. We are focused on providing high-quality organic products, going directly from our farm to your home. We are a small family business, so we personally interact with and value every customer.

Being part of such a labor-intensive venture that must compete against larger imported products with much lower costs of doing business, we are constantly reinvesting in our business to become as efficient as possible. It is an endless balance, all about the Yin and Yang.
We are focused on providing the highest quality, domestically grown, certified organic products. Our customers are those who value organically grown items, want to know where they originated from, and how they were processed.
Our use of social media is intended to be used in conjunction with this website. Our Facebook page can be accessed through the social media tab located above. We invite you to follow us on both pages. Our hope is that communicating to you, the events around the farm, a bit of our personal backgrounds, along with our business experiences, will give you a better understanding of us and the products we grow for you!

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Flower dried

Bo ju hua

Chrysanthemum morifolium

$15.00 per 4 oz.


Flower dried

Chu ju hua

Chrysanthemum morifolium

$15.00 per 4 oz.

Field Mint

Flower and stem dried

Bo he

Mentha haplocalyx

$18.00 per 8 oz.


Flower dried

Jin yin hua

Lonicera japonica

$15.00 per 2 oz.

Goji Berry


Goji qi zi

Lycium barbarum

$15.00 per 4 oz. order

Patterson Apricot

Fruit fresh whole

Prunus armeniaca

$50.00 per 20-pound box


Patterson Apricot

Fruit halves dried

Prunus armeniaca

$15.00 per pound


Patterson Apricot Kernels

Dried with skin

Xing ren

Prunus armeniaca

$15.00 per 2 oz.